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From Andrew Lawrence <>
Subject Use of Ant in your work process
Date Tue, 29 Aug 2000 19:41:37 GMT
Hi all,

I couldn't find an archive to search through, so I hope this hasn't been 
asked and discussed already, plus its a bit offtopic. sorry twice. :-)
Since Ant is often used to move from a src tree to a deployable application, 
this seemed like the right place to ask. If you have a better place, please 
email me privately.

I am in the process establishing our development environment and processes. 
It is (so I think) going to be a typical environment for a java development: 
CVS, Ant, IDE/editor of choice, Tomcat for debugging. I have come across the 
Tomcat folks recommendation on how to set up directory structures, 
tomcat/src/doc/appdev/contents.html) and wondered if many of you are using 
it, and what you think of it.  

Specifically, is the routine for your developers to update from CVS, run ant 
to build/deploy to Tomcat, and then start tomcat in a IDE/debugger (like 
JBuilder) to debug? How does your IDE match the running servlet class file 
with the .java in this case?  If you modify anything in your code or a jsp, 
do you do it in your src tree and then rerun ant and try again?  Wash-Rinse-
Repeat until clean? 

This approach *seems* cumbersome to me, and I cant clearly see the benefits 
of working this way vs. simply having the directory structure in CVS reflect 
my application structure (WEB-INF/classes, etc). Ant, of course, would still 
be used to build, but not so much deploy, until it came time to just make 
a .war/.ear file and go to production.


Andrew Lawrence

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