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From David Weller <>
Subject Nested property expansion...
Date Sun, 06 Aug 2000 00:24:43 GMT
Apologies in advance is this has been asked before, but...

Why is it not possible to recursively expand names within the XML buildfiles?
Example (slightly bogus, but I hope it conveys my point):
<property name="file" value=""/>
<property name="fq_file" value="${basename}/${file}"/>
<property name="${fq_file}" value="Hello there"/>
<echo message="The property ${fq_file} contains ${${fq_file}}"/>

When I run this in verbose mode, the property is correctly set, but I can't
print the value out through the echo task.  My guess is (originally) that it
had to do with the XML parsing, but this really seems like a problem with the
echo task.  Am I right?

P.S. -- If this has an 'obvious' solution, be gentle with me, my Ant knowledge
is 4 hours old :-)

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