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From "Dayton Spencer" <>
Subject Re: [jacorb-developer] Compiling Jacorb on Windows NT/95
Date Thu, 17 Aug 2000 20:53:39 GMT
Building JACORB 1.1

Is it possible to build the orb core without having to rebuild the entire
JACORB system. I have tried to do this by going to the src/jacorb/orb
directory and issuing the ant command. It attempts to compile but I get a
lot of errors relating to missing classes and undefined variables.

Is there a problem with this version or is there somthing else that I am
required to do.

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From: xski <>
To: Dayton Spencer <>
Date: Thursday, August 10, 2000 1:22 PM
Subject: Re: [jacorb-developer] Compiling Jacorb on Windows NT/95

>Hi Dayton,
>Here's a few quick steps:
>0) keep the JacORB zipfile around or backup jacorb.jar and idl.jar in
>case soemthing goes wrong.
>1) install jakarta-ant, the build tool used by JacORB.  Get it from the
>apache web site (start at, follow jakarta links).
>2) apply the jacorb patch for 1.1.  Just unzip the patch file from the
>top JacORB directory. It should overwrite what it needs to.
>3) copy the attached build.xml file to src/jacorb/poa (the one in the
>distro is broken)
>4) make sure your paths are set up to get java, ant and jacorb's bin
>kick off the build in the JacORB directory and have a cup of tea while
>Hope this helps.
>> Dayton Spencer wrote:
>> Hello All,
>> I am new to this thing so bear with me please.
>> Could someone please tell me :
>> 1) what are the pre-requists for compiling the Jacorb ORB core on
>> Windows 95/NT.
>> 2) A few guidelines as to how I may compile the ORB sucessfully.
>> Regards,
>> Dayton

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