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From Mike Deibler <>
Subject Creating a list of files for a task
Date Mon, 31 Jul 2000 15:22:44 GMT

I have a build target that runs java on a class file.  One of the
parameters to the class file is a listing of certain files in a
directory structure.  For example:

java Maker dir1/ dir1/ dir2/ dirN/

I'm trying to use the java task to do this with a predefined 
property that uses the ** file matching criteria.  For example:

<!-- simplified -->
<target name="init">
  <property name="include_files" value="**/*.in" />       
  <property name="classpath" value="listing of classpath" />

<target name="build" depends="init">
  <java classname="Maker"
        jvmargs="-classpath ${classpath}"

The problem with this approach is that the **/*.in isn't converted
into a file list when the java command is run.  It generates something

java Maker **/*.in

Is there any way to generate a list of files that can be used in the
java task above?  Or will I have to write something that will do something
similar to a unix 'find' command and pass the results into the java

I'm using ant version 1.0.8.



Mike Deibler

NocPulse, Inc.
1293 Mountain View-Alviso Road, Suite D
Sunnyvale, CA  94089

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