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From Joel Riedesel <>
Subject Re: newbie - dependency question
Date Mon, 31 Jul 2000 12:33:15 GMT

Stefan Bodewig wrote:
> >>>>> "JR" == Joel Riedesel <> writes:
>  JR> So, when compiling files in a subpackage, it seems that the only
>  JR> thing that makes sense for ANT is to have srcdir and destdir be
>  JR> the roots of your source and compiled trees.
> Yes.
>  JR> Then, if you are just trying to compile that module, you have to
>  JR> put the path to all your <include> statements in the javac
>  JR> command:
> Hmm, would a single include be enough?
> <include name="/com/jnana/alert/*.java" />

Sure, but sometimes, when developing a module, you can end up with
extraneous source files.  I like to be able to control exactly which
ones will be in the build.

>  JR> Of course; doing this means that ANT scans *all* subdirectories.
>  JR> And all of a sudden the performance benefit I had been hoping for
>  JR> is shot.
> I've never seen the directory scan as a performance bottleneck in my
> builds, but maybe your source trees are a lot larger than mine.

Uh... over 2500 files easily.  About 30+ different modules.

> What you could do is build a separate dir structure for each build you
> want to add. Something like src/module_a/, src/module_a/.

Ouch.  That just feels really kludgy to me.

One other tidbit.  One wants to be able to have a quick compile and test
for their module when working on it.  One shouldn't have to deal with the
entire project when just working on a module.

I'm really surprised at all this.  This is pretty much some of the same
problem I was running into with Make.  But, with that I use dummy .class
files in my source tree that get 'touched'.  Kludgy as well, but it works.
(Except that each class that gets compiled causes a separate invocation of
javac which is slow... I was hoping to get around that with Ant.)

Surely someone has dealt with this.  Separating out the modules into
different source trees sure sounds like a pain to me.

Thanks again,


Joel Riedesel
Jnana Technologies Corporation

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