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Subject [Bug 62824] Nested macro attributes not thread safe
Date Sun, 16 Dec 2018 18:53:33 GMT

Stefan Bodewig <> changed:

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--- Comment #1 from Stefan Bodewig <> ---
Actually, this is not related to macro attributes at all. What you are doing is
similar to

        <target name="repro2">
              <macrodef name="innerMacro">
                  <echo message="Temp: true"/>
              <innerMacro />
              <macrodef name="innerMacro">
                  <echo message="Temp: false"/>
              <innerMacro />

I.e. you define the same task "innerMacro" twice and when it comes to the point
where innerMacro is excecuted there is a race condition which task definition
is the one that gets used (the last one executed before the actual task is

Defining macros of the same name simply is not a thread-safe operation (neither
would be running taksdef, typedef, scritpdef or presetdef defining same named

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