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Subject [Bug 61649] The same scripted invocation of Ant works on z/OS using 1.9.7, but fails using 1.9.9
Date Tue, 24 Oct 2017 11:13:33 GMT

--- Comment #7 from Stefan Bodewig <> ---
Created attachment 35452
diff of wrapper script between 1.9.6 and 1.9.9

Oh, there is no new syntax, the wrapper script has been improved to handle
embedded newlines and a bunch of shell meta characters that are part of command
line arguments properly.

The new argument parsing code is quite convoluted and relies (among other
things) on sed and sh being close to POSIX. This most likely sin't true for
z/OS' versions.

To see the full amount of changes you really need to diff the ant script
between the rel/1.9.6 and rel/1.9.9 tags (see attachment).

You could try replacing the wrapper script with that of Ant 1.9.6 in order to
verify it really is the change that is affecting you:

we have added special code to deal with Solaris 10 and could do so for z/OS if
we knew what to do exactly (short of falling back to the old parsing code). The
main change was and it contains a zio
with ugly command line test cases that were all expected to work.

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