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Subject [Bug 60127] ant support for Java 9 ?
Date Wed, 14 Sep 2016 04:19:56 GMT

Stefan Bodewig <> changed:

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--- Comment #1 from Stefan Bodewig <> ---
Ant's master and 1.9.x branches contain important changes for Java9. Depending
in what you want to do, Ant 1.9.7 will not work at all (javah and native2ascii
are exaompes, rmic may be broken as well).

Some of the options for javac have been implemented, but not all of then, In
either case, you can use <compilerarg> even with 1.9.7. You just need to split
them propertly, i,e.

<compilerarg value="-addmods"/>
<compilerarg value=""/>

or <compilerag line="-addmods"/>

There is at least one known issue that is expected to get resolved with the
next build of Java9 (bug 60060).

On my personal list of things to add is support for multi-release jars before I
propose a new release. I can't promise a time-line and don't know whether the
rest of the team has different plans, but I'd expect a new release sometime
before November.

We don't provide nightly builds but you can build Ant from source. Given that
you can't boostrap the 1.9.x branch using Java9 you may prefer the master
branch (1.9.x wants to compile using -target 1.5 which isn't supported in
Java9). It would be good if you could check it out and provide us with feedback
about missing features. -addmaods (or is it --add-mods by now?) is still not
explicitly supported, for example.

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