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Subject [Bug 60027] Add <arg part1 part 2> options so arg tag can flow over many lines.
Date Wed, 24 Aug 2016 10:16:50 GMT

--- Comment #7 from Jan Mat <> ---
An implementation idea I have is this:

<arg part[N]="" joiner=""/>
- joiner defaults to a simple blank
- all attributes starting with "part" are stored in a Map
(index=attribute-name, value=attribute-value)
- setting could (maybe) be done via DynamicAttribute
- a combination of part, value and line is not permitted
- for joining these values we sort the entries alphabetically by index
- the joined value is used as <arg value/>

But what is the usecase?
"Just" splitting a long value into shorter ones?
Are these values hard coded? If not, you could filesets or resourcecollections
and use their values <arg value="${toString:idOfFileset}"/>. Calculation via
<pathconvert> would be possible to.

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