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Subject [Bug 58898] ANT wrapper script can not handle double-quote or backslash characters in arguments
Date Tue, 19 Apr 2016 12:03:33 GMT

--- Comment #2 from KM <> ---
As per the WHATSNEW file I see that the modifications for this issue change the
interpretation/evaluation of quotes within an ant argument. I have an issue
with 1.9.7.  Previously with ant 1.9.6 and earlier the line expanded to
-Dbr.cmd="co-r ", which is correct.   Now after updating to Ant 1.9.7 the
expansion is messed up.  It actually evaluates to '-Dbr.cmd="co'-r ' " ' 
including all of the quotes shown.  It’s hard to read so I added spaces around
the one double quote at the end.  It actually looks like β€˜β€β€™.  Then ant gives
the error -r option invalid, because as you can see the -r is abandoned between
the literal single quotes.

Needless to say, that I can modify the scripts we use, so the field itself does
not contain the double quotes, and that the field is only surrounded by them. 
But I was surprised that my build failed almost immediately as ant was kicked

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