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Subject [Bug 56337] Extension point target rewriting
Date Thu, 03 Apr 2014 09:20:25 GMT

--- Comment #2 from Jean-Louis Boudart <> ---
I agree with Antoine current behavior is the expected one.
I guess, you found an expected side effect of 1.8.4 implementation :). There is
no kind of inheritance here. 

I think it would be really dangerous when overriding a target to be attached to
an extensionPoint you haven't declared by yourself.

If you add the extensionOf on the specific "hi" target like :
<project name="build">
    <import file="hello.xml" />
    <target name="hi" extensionOf="greeting">
        <echo message="Hello" />

You would then results both "hi" targets injected in greeting extension-point.
I think this is not what you expect.

It's difficult to understand your use case but you probably "misused"
extensionpoint. Wiring target to an extension point in your generic build file
and then override this target in specifics build.xml seems not optimal.

I would then recommend you to keep to not wire your target to extension point
in your generic build file and give this job to specific build file with either
 * a target like this <target name="specific" extensionOf="myExtensionPoint"/>
 * or using bind target task (see

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