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Subject [Bug 55154] New: Allow new properties to be defined in <propertyset>
Date Fri, 28 Jun 2013 11:52:38 GMT

            Bug ID: 55154
           Summary: Allow new properties to be defined in <propertyset>
           Product: Ant
           Version: 1.8.4
          Hardware: PC
            Status: NEW
          Severity: enhancement
          Priority: P2
         Component: Core

I would like the ability to directly add properties to a <propertyset> without
first having to define a property; e.g.,

   <property name="foo" value="1" />

I'm undecided whether that property should be a real property or if it should
be defined only by the <propertyset>; perhaps this should be an option?  Or use
<localproperty> to define a value local to the <propertyset>?

In addition to IMHO simplifying the direct definition of a <propertyset>, it
becomes very useful with <augment>.  For example, in my builds I define an
empty <properyset> to use during junit tests:

   <propertyset id="junit_syspropertyset" />

which is used during unit tests:

    <junit ...>
        <syspropertyset refid="junit_syspropertyset" />

This is defined in a reusable junit importable build script, so users need only
<augment> the junit_syspropertyset to specify any system properties they might
need.  However, to do this looks like:

    <property name="net.sourceforge.cobertura.datafile"
location="${cobertura_coverage-file}" />
    <augment id="junit_syspropertyset">
        <propertyref name="net.sourceforge.cobertura.datafile" />

I'd prefer to be able to just do this:

    <augment id="junit_syspropertyset">
        <localproperty name="net.sourceforge.cobertura.datafile"
location="${cobertura_coverage-file}" />

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