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Subject [Bug 54835] Classpath use seems to be broken in junit ant task?
Date Mon, 22 Apr 2013 08:33:38 GMT

--- Comment #6 from Michael Clarke <> ---
It looks like the class search is being delegated to the System's classloader
rather than being handled by the Ant Classloader (the system Classloader has no
knoweldge of JUnit since JUnit isn't on the core Ant Classpath, but is added to
the JUnit task by Ivy). Given some JUnit classes must have already been loaded
to have reached this point, the Ant Classloader can see the JUnit jars loaded
by Ivy, but the Split Classloader seems to be delegating incorrectly when
trying to load classes used by the JUnit Runner.

I suspect the list of 'split classes' in JUnitTask needs expanded to include
the classes added for the @Ignore changes introduced in Ant 1.9.0. I'll do a
bit more investigation on this issue to see if there are any other issues
caused by JUnit being inherited from an external source rather than being in
the ANTLIB directory whilst I fix this issue.

In the meantime, copying your JUnit JAR into your ANTLIB directory will allow
Ant to pickup the dependent classes required to launch the JUnit task if you
want to continue using Ant 1.9.0.

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