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Subject [Bug 54835] Classpath use seems to be broken in junit ant task?
Date Sat, 13 Apr 2013 20:13:49 GMT

--- Comment #4 from andrew cooke <> ---
Things are clearer now.  The following:

hg clone ssh://
cd java-example
hg update -r "works with 1.8.4"
ant bootstrap test

works (gives an error because my test is missing a constructor) with Ant 1.8.4
but fails with Ant 1.9.0.

This is with a "virgin" Ant install.  The "bootstrap" copies the Ivy jar into
~/.ant/lib and then "test" downloads Junit jar to the local lib directory.

With Ant 1.8.4, having the Junit jar in the classpath for the junit task works
just fine.  As documented at
(item 5).  But with Ant 1.9.0 this code DOES NOT WORK.

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