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Subject [Bug 43969] JUnit4 tests marked @Ignore do not appear in XML output
Date Sun, 03 Mar 2013 22:38:43 GMT

--- Comment #13 from Michael Clarke <> ---
I've added a patch with changes to report Ignored test (those marked with the
@Ignore annotation) and skipped tests (those where Assume tests failed). The
reporters bundled with the junit task have been modified to report these tests
as skipped, and an additional interfaces has been added to allow users to add
these events to their existing TaskListeners.

The default XML report of changes contains the follow additional details with
my patch:
1. An additional attribute on the root testsuite element named 'skipped' that
contains the number of ignored and skipped tests
2. The test attribute on the root testsuite element now counts all tests (both
run and ignored), not just the ones that have been run
3. All tests are listed as testcase elements, not just the ones that haven't
been ignored
4. Any test that has been ignored or skipped has a child 'skipped' element
that, if a message was given on the @Ignore annotation or a message given for
an Assume failing, includes a message attribute containing that message

This bring the XML document in-line with the XMl reports from other runners
(e.g. Maven Surefire) and other test suites (e.g. TestNG)

Patch attached as 'Proposed Skipped Test Reporting Changes'. Any comments,
ideas, suggestions or issues are welcome.

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