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Subject [Bug 54285] Ant task exec arg value does not quote properly for MSWindows
Date Thu, 21 Feb 2013 05:19:12 GMT

--- Comment #4 from Vincent Belaïche <> ---

After more thoughts I think that the code which I have provided is
over-complex, and there is a simpler solution as follows to double-quote a
string which is to replace all backslash and double quote respectively by \\
and \"


a\b         is double quoted as "a\\b"
a"b         is double quoted as "a\"b"
a\\b        is double quoted as "a\\\\b"
"ab"        is double quoted as "\"ab\""

this means that if you call a command like this:

my-command "a\\b" "a\"b" "a\\\\b" "\"ab\"" 

then the argument passed to my-command are the following (one per line):

arg 1=a\b
arg 2=a"b
arg 4=a\\b
arg 5="ab"

One more nasty stuff is how to quote the percent sign. Imagine that you have an
environment variable TOTO that is unset, then

my-command "a%TOTO%b"

will pass argument 1 as follows

arg 1=a%TOTO%b

but if now TOTO is set to xxx, then the same

my-command "a%TOTO%b"

will pass

arg 1=axxxb

this is why, not to take any risks percent signs should also be quoted, and the
way to do that is to replace any % by ^% outside of the double-quotes so

a%TOTO%b is double quoted as "a"^%"TOTO"^%"b"
a%%%b    is double quoted as "a"^%^%^%"b"

I will prepare some updated code proposal for MSDosQuoter to reflex these new

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