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Subject [Bug 54285] Ant task exec arg value does not quote properly for MSWindows
Date Mon, 24 Dec 2012 12:10:10 GMT

--- Comment #2 from Vincent Belaïche <> ---
One more thing: concerning the quote escaping, the code which I submitted
contains two flavours of implementation one in ForcedQuote which is based on
plain string manipulations, and one in ConditionalQuote which is based on

I mention this because in addition ForcedQuote does quoting always, and
ConditionalQuote does it only when needed by content. 

So it is a bit confusing as in fact there is no relationship between "forced
versus conditional on content" quoting on the one hand, and "based on plain
string manipulation versus using regexps" on the other hand: it would actually
be possible to have an implementation doing the quoting only when needed by
content and based only on elementary string manipulation, or to have an
implementation based on regexp and doing the quoting always.

I provided these two implementation just to show that the problem can be solved
in a number of manner depending on what you want to get, and how you want to
get it.

Please note also that I did double quote escaping based on use of backslash,
however this is not the sole technique, one can also replace each double quotes
by 3 of them, that happen to work as long as there aren't any preceding

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