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Subject [Bug 53849] New: Unable to restrict the packages for javadoc by using packageList
Date Tue, 11 Sep 2012 13:14:36 GMT

          Priority: P2
            Bug ID: 53849
           Summary: Unable to restrict the packages for javadoc by using
          Severity: normal
    Classification: Unclassified
                OS: Solaris
          Hardware: Sun
            Status: NEW
           Version: 1.8.4
         Component: Core tasks
           Product: Ant

With ant 1.6.5 we used a javadoc task with sourcepathref and a packageList
where packageList contains a list of packages which should only be used.

Now with 1.8.4 the javadoc command is called (by Java13CommandLauncher) with
all package names instead of only the package names from the packageList.
The filename from packageList is still added at the end of the javadoc command
line option.

 <property name="packagefile" value="${J_ROOT}/doc/package.lst"/>
 <path id="src.dirs">
   <dirset dir="${J_ROOT}/projects">
    <include name="**/src/main/java"/>

 <javadoc sourcepathref="src.dirs" destdir="${htmldestdir}"
  Windowtitle="${windowtitle}" Doctitle="${doctitle}" Use="true"
  Splitindex="true" maxmemory="512M"
  overview="${overviewfile}" classpathref="classpath.extra"
  Version="${version}" Author="${author}">

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