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Subject DO NOT REPLY [Bug 53014] editorial errors in manual/properties.html
Date Sat, 31 Mar 2012 20:36:36 GMT

--- Comment #1 from Daniel B. <> 2012-03-31 20:36:36 UTC ---
The Ant manual page manual/properties.html has a number of editorial errors.
(Along with lower-level punctuation errors, there are some higher-level
problems of wording that isn't parsable (that make no sense as it is).)

* "There are many tasks that can set properties, the most common one is the 
  property task.": - The comma should be a semicolon (or sentence break).

* "Normally property values can not be changed, once a property is set, most 
  tasks will not allow its value to be modified.":  The first comma should be 
  a semicolon (or ...).

* "... are of global scope, i.e. once they have been ...":  There should be
  a comma after "i.e.".  (See other occurrences of that problem too.)

* "comma separated list" should be "comma-separated list".

* "the targets that have been specified on the command line (the IDE, an 
  <ant> task ...) when invoking the current project.":  Something went
  wrong near "(the IDE".

* "There are three sub-interfaces of Delegate that may be useful to implement."
  (before a bulleted) list: That period should be a colon.

* The paragraph about$PropertySetter 
  seems to be exactly the same as the first paragraph about$PropertyEvaluator.  (It looks like
  copy,-paste,-and-forget-to-edit error.)

* "... will be interpreted literally; that is, as '$'. ": That semicolon
  should be a comma.

* "This means you can't use easily expand properties whose":  Something
  went wrong in that wording.

* 'Expanding a "Property Name"':  Shouldn't that be "Expanding a
  Property Reference"?  (It's not really expanding the name, and it's
  definitely not replacing only the _name_--it's replacing the rest of
  the _reference_ too.  Also, the quotes don't seem to be necessary--
  unless it was to address that name-vs.-reference difference, which
  would be handled better by referring to the reference.)

* "... is invoked -all built in types ...": The hyphen doesn't have
  space on both sides.  Actually, the hyphens used like that really
  should the dashes (em-dashes, I think; with no spaces on either side).

* "Any Ant type which has been declared with a reference can also its 
  string value extracted ...": Something went wrong with the wording.

  (Hey, where's the right place to suggest that the Ant project's 
  development and/or release processes include some basic (or additional) 
  proofreading?  Fixing problems way, after they have occurred and been    
  released, by submitting bug reports, is getting pretty tedious.)

* "For example, here is how to get a listing of the files in a fileset,":
  That comma should be a colon.

* "Any Ant type which has been declared with a reference can also be used 
  as a property by using the ${ant.refid:} operation ...":  
  It's not the type which been declared, but the item of the type.

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