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Subject DO NOT REPLY [Bug 52829] implement Iterable interface in FileSet and others
Date Mon, 19 Mar 2012 17:29:18 GMT

--- Comment #5 from Matt Benson <> 2012-03-19 17:29:18 UTC ---
Hi all!  Some observations:

 1.  Jesse's proposal, despite being a workable plan, felt to me at first read
like implementing generics in a "halfway" manner.
 2.  I haven't done any Ant work to speak of in quite some time and thus my
voice doesn't carry so much weight in the doocracy that is an ASF project,
hence my delayed response here.
 3.  I did particularly like the concept in Jesse's proposal of keeping things
specified to e.g. FileProvider rather than FileResource.
 4.  I did some experiments with implementing generics more fully along these
lines, but was ultimately unable to get a working structure in place.  I feel
that this is because when we fully Resource-ized Ant back with v1.7 (about 7
years ago now!), we were bound by the fact that Resource was a class rather
than an interface.  I think that if ever we implement Ant 2, e.g. FileProvider
would directly extend a Resource interface and e.g. DirSet|FileSet|FileList
would expose FileProvider.

My conclusion, speaking (if I'm not overstating the case) as the committer most
directly responsible for the current state of affairs of Ant's Resource API, is
that for the Ant 1.x codebase, Jesse's proposal works where implementing
generics any more deeply will have more drawbacks than benefits, as he guessed.
 This is nobody's fault, but just a "shit happens" situation (shituation?). 
For Ant 2, I think we can accomplish "full generics done right," if and when
that time ever comes.


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