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Subject DO NOT REPLY [Bug 34633] ReplaceRegExp periodically errors out with "Couldn't rename temporary file"
Date Thu, 23 Feb 2012 18:08:25 GMT

--- Comment #29 from gw1500se <> 2012-02-23 18:08:25 UTC ---
I've always had that, from replaceregexp:

Couldn't rename temporary file /tmp/replace5358820582224705130.txt

However, I've just discovered what I think is an important piece of information
and, as an aside, may be related to what I thought might be a different bug. I
have been running this build via a perl script. What I have found is everything
works as expected when the script is run from the command line. When it fails
with this error, it is running in background which means no console (tty).

The possible related bug is that I use the echo property in a couple of places.
When I try to capture the ant output, the echos do not show up when run in
background. They do from command line. I was able to work around that problem
by using -logfile and reading that into my script but I shouldn't have had to
do that.

The bottom line is that ant behaves differently when run in background and/or
with no console. It does not seem to matter if I use 'nohup'. Unless it is
trying to write directly to a tty rather than STDOUT and STDERR, this behavior
should not happen. I suppose it is possible that there is some environment
variable missing that it needs but there is no indication in the error message
if or what that might be.

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