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Subject DO NOT REPLY [Bug 52456] ant 1.7.1 build J2ME project error: JAR file creation failed with error 32512
Date Fri, 13 Jan 2012 09:59:10 GMT

--- Comment #2 from charley <> 2012-01-13 09:59:10 UTC ---
Thanks Stefan, I think you have found a key point to avoid the error 32512. 
I just followed your suggestion to add a 'PATH' to the run-time environment,
when I ran the build command, and the error messages has changed. you can see
the error from below. I'm very appreciates if you have any idea about how to
solve the new error, thanks. 

my new code is:

String cmd = "/home/mic-oem-dev/workspace/tools/apache-ant-1.8.2/bin/ant
-buildfile buildkjava.xml deploy"

String[] envp = new String[] {"PATH=" + System.getenv("PATH"),
String[] cmds = {"/bin/sh", "-c", cmd};            
Runtime.getRuntime().exec(cmds, envp);

the log info is.
[102]->[wtkobfuscate]   Number of vertically merged classes:         0
[103]->[wtkobfuscate]   Number of horizontally merged classes:       3
[104]->[wtkobfuscate]   Number of removed write-only fields:         170
[105]->[wtkobfuscate]   Number of privatized fields:                 347
[106]->[wtkobfuscate]   Number of inlined constant fields:           83
[107]->[wtkobfuscate]   Number of privatized methods:                159
[108]->[wtkobfuscate]   Number of staticized methods:                73
[109]->[wtkobfuscate]   Number of finalized methods:                 1023
[110]->[wtkobfuscate]   Number of removed method parameters:         25
[111]->[wtkobfuscate]   Number of inlined constant parameters:       63
[112]->[wtkobfuscate]   Number of inlined constant return values:    9
[113]->[wtkobfuscate]   Number of inlined short method calls:        125
[114]->[wtkobfuscate]   Number of inlined unique method calls:       206
[115]->[wtkobfuscate]   Number of inlined tail recursion calls:      3
[116]->[wtkobfuscate]   Number of merged code blocks:                25
[117]->[wtkobfuscate]   Number of variable peephole optimizations:   1386
[118]->[wtkobfuscate]   Number of arithmetic peephole optimizations: 211
[119]->[wtkobfuscate]   Number of cast peephole optimizations:       35
[120]->[wtkobfuscate]   Number of field peephole optimizations:      16
[121]->[wtkobfuscate]   Number of branch peephole optimizations:     868
[122]->[wtkobfuscate]   Number of simplified instructions:           1104
[123]->[wtkobfuscate]   Number of removed instructions:              6902
[124]->[wtkobfuscate]   Number of removed local variables:           233
[125]->[wtkobfuscate]   Number of removed exception blocks:          57
[126]->[wtkobfuscate]   Number of optimized local variable frames:   504
[127]->[wtkobfuscate] Shrinking...
[128]->[wtkobfuscate] Removing unused program classes and class elements...
[129]->[wtkobfuscate]   Original number of program classes: 155
[130]->[wtkobfuscate]   Final number of program classes:    150
[131]->[wtkobfuscate] Obfuscating...
[132]->[wtkobfuscate] Preverifying...
[133]->[wtkobfuscate] Writing output...
[134]->[wtkobfuscate] Preparing output jar
[135]->[wtkobfuscate]   Copying resources from program jar
[136]->[wtkobfuscate] Updating JAD file
[137]->     [echo] preverify...
[138]->[wtkpreverify] Preverifying
[139]->[wtkpreverify] Executable:
[140]->[wtkpreverify] Arguments : -classpath
-d /home/mic-oem-dev/workspace/code/kjava/mini-baseline/c59edc2a.tmp -target
CLDC1.1 /home/mic-oem-dev/workspace/code/kjava/mini-baseline/KJAVA_MINI.jar
[142]->[wtkpreverify] ERROR: failed to open tmp1945431482/META-INF/MANIFEST.MF
[143]->[wtkpreverify] Error preferifying, log file not found: 
[146]->Preverification failed (result=1)
[148]->Total time: 22 seconds

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