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Subject DO NOT REPLY [Bug 50553] Apply task should make srcfile/targetfile available as a property
Date Thu, 06 Jan 2011 19:30:12 GMT

--- Comment #1 from Jan Mat <> 2011-01-06 14:30:09 EST ---
Using properties is not possible because they are immutable.
Having that said, the "valid" alternative would be attributes like in
<macrodef>. So your example would look like

  <apply executable="${psql.bin}" srcfileproperty="sqlinput"
    <fileset dir="${sqlscripts.home}" includes="**/*.sql" />
    <arg value="-f@{sqlinput}" /> <!-- see the @ instead the $ here -->
    <arg value="${}" />

Or with standard names

  <apply executable="${psql.bin}" addsourcefile="false">
    <fileset dir="${sqlscripts.home}" includes="**/*.sql" />
    <arg value="-f@{srcfile}" /> <!-- the same name as the tag -->
    <arg value="${}" />

But I am not sure if you can't achieve your goal with the current

  <apply executable="${psql.bin}">
    <fileset dir="${sqlscripts.home}" includes="**/*.sql" />
    <arg value="-f"/>
    <arg value="${}" />

(Haven't tested that ... but that's what I read in the manual)

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