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Subject svn commit: r1027524 - /ant/core/trunk/docs/manual/Types/mapper.html
Date Tue, 26 Oct 2010 12:53:50 GMT
Author: bodewig
Date: Tue Oct 26 12:53:49 2010
New Revision: 1027524

regex requirements are softer now that Ant requires Java 1.4


Modified: ant/core/trunk/docs/manual/Types/mapper.html
--- ant/core/trunk/docs/manual/Types/mapper.html (original)
+++ ant/core/trunk/docs/manual/Types/mapper.html Tue Oct 26 12:53:49 2010
@@ -368,27 +368,30 @@ ignored.</p>
 <p>Note that you need to escape a dollar-sign (<code>$</code>) with
 another dollar-sign in Ant.</p>
 <p>The regexp mapper needs a supporting library and an implementation
 of <code></code> that
-hides the specifics of the library. Ant comes with implementations for
-<a href=""
 target="_top">the java.util.regex package</a>,
-<a href="" target="_top">jakarta-regexp</a>
and <a
-href="" target="_top">jakarta-ORO</a>. If you compile
-from sources and plan to use one of them, make sure the libraries are
-in your <code>CLASSPATH</code>. For information about using <a
+  hides the specifics of the library.  <em>Since Ant 1.8.0</em> Ant
+  requires Java 1.4 to run, so the implementation based on
+  the <code>java.util.regex</code> package will always be available.
+  You can still use Jakarta ORO or Jakarta Regex instead if your
+  provide the corresponding jar in your CLASSPATH.</p>
+<p>For information about using <a
 href="" target="_top">gnu.regexp</a> or <a
 href="" target="_top">gnu.rex</a> with Ant, see
 href="" target="_top">this</a>
-<p>If you want to use one of the supported regular expression
-  libraries you need to also use
-  the corresponding <code>ant-[jakarta-oro, jakarta-regexp, apache-oro, apache-regexp}.jar</code>
+<p>If you want to use one of the regular expression
+  libraries other than <code>java.util.regex</code> you need to also use
+  the corresponding <code>ant-[apache-oro, apache-regexp].jar</code>
 from the Ant release you are using.
 Make sure, both will be loaded from the same
 classpath, that is either put them into your <code>CLASSPATH</code>,
 <code>ANT_HOME/lib</code> directory or a nested
 <code>&lt;classpath&gt;</code> element of the mapper - you cannot have
-<code>ant-[jakarta-oro, jakarta-regexp, apache-oro, apache-regexp].jar</code>
in <code>ANT_HOME/lib</code>
+<code>ant-[apache-oro, apache-regexp].jar</code> in <code>ANT_HOME/lib</code>
  and the library
 in a nested <code>&lt;classpath&gt;</code>.</p>
 <p>Ant will choose the regular-expression library based on the

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