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Subject svn commit: r988195 - /ant/ivy/ivyde/trunk/test/README.txt
Date Mon, 23 Aug 2010 16:35:29 GMT
Author: hibou
Date: Mon Aug 23 16:35:28 2010
New Revision: 988195

add a warning about not committing migration changes


Modified: ant/ivy/ivyde/trunk/test/README.txt
--- ant/ivy/ivyde/trunk/test/README.txt (original)
+++ ant/ivy/ivyde/trunk/test/README.txt Mon Aug 23 16:35:28 2010
@@ -12,4 +12,13 @@ Expectation:
  * project 'linked-folder': it is relying on some Eclipse linked folder which
    requires some absolute path. You probably will require to change it to make
-   it resolve correctly
\ No newline at end of file
+   it resolve correctly
+ * project 'include-settings' will not resolve correctly if it is tried in an 
+   Eclipse started from Eclipse in debug, and having the Ivy project opened the
+   Eclipse host.
+Warning: if you start an Eclipse with a recent IvyDE, most of these test
+   projects will have their .project and .classpath modified. This is due to
+   the migration happening on old project configurations. Please DO NOT commit
+   these changes. So we will still be able to continue to test the migration of
+   old projects.

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