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Subject DO NOT REPLY [Bug 48829] Javac task only accepts *.java files
Date Mon, 01 Mar 2010 16:57:57 GMT

--- Comment #2 from Andrew Eisenberg <> 2010-03-01 16:57:56 UTC ---
There are several reasons why the iajc task is not sufficient.

1. Eclipse PDE builds do not allow the use of the iajc task, only the javac
task.  This kind of change would allow us to compile aspectj code using the
javac task.  Moreover, this change would allow any language that compiles to
java byte code to be compiled using PDE.

2. The ajc ant task is largely a copy of the javac ant task and so providing
this functionality would make this copied code largely irrelevant.

3. There is the possibility to handle extensible Java compilers.  For example,
groovy-eclipse ships with an extended JDT compiler that also handles groovy
code.  The fix proposed in this bug would allow javac to handle this compiler
as a compiler adapter without the need for a custom ant task.

4. This change would allow new compilers for JVM languages to take advantage of
the full power of the javac task when used with ant, while only implementing a
minimal amount of code.

5. More generally, it seems arbitrary to me that javac would only accept .java
files when there is a proliferation of compilers that produce java byte code
from non-Java code.

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