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Subject DO NOT REPLY [Bug 41400] [PATCH] properties get double expanded in <assertPropertyEquals>
Date Sun, 17 Jan 2010 16:50:35 GMT

--- Comment #9 from Markus Kahl <> 2010-01-17 08:50:31 UTC ---
I now managed to run the tests on a linux machine. On windows dozens of tests
failed because some files could not be deleted or something.
Anyway, in revision 900143 the propertyhelper-tests does not fail.

Actually my patch does not break any tests anymore.
The same tests failed before and after my patch.

Now given the following file:

<project name="Macros" default="testBug" basedir="." 
  <property name="one" value="1"/>
  <property name="prop" value="$${one}"/>

  <macrodef name="echotest">
    <attribute name="message" />
      <echo message="@{message}" />

  <target name="testBug">
    <echo message="$${builddir}" />
    <echotest message="$${builddir}"/>
    <au:assertPropertyEquals name="prop" value="1"/>

After the patch I get the following output:

markus@Bunker-12:~$ ant -f macros.xml
Buildfile: /home/markus/macros.xml

     [echo] ${builddir}
     [echo] ${builddir}

/home/markus/macros.xml:16: Expected property 'prop' to have value '1' but was

What puzzles me is that the output from testBug is also correct without my
patch. It wasn't earlier (bug #42046), though.
I wonder if it only works because of a 'workaround' or 'by accident'.

I got to take a look into the source of AntUnit, I thought
au:assertPropertyEquals was also simply a macrodef.

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