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Subject DO NOT REPLY [Bug 48010] 'timeout' parameter not working in Sshexec task
Date Sat, 28 Nov 2009 23:16:16 GMT

--- Comment #3 from Lajos Papp <> 2009-11-28 15:16:14 UTC ---
i run into a similar issue:
- trying to sshexec a command and not getting anything.
- after a while i hit ctrl-c 

later i've figured out that if i wait long enough (like 2 minutes)
i get an auth exception (which was correct, as  i mistyped the password)

the problem is that the 'timeout' attribute refers to the command execution
and the connection waits forever.

in at the end of the openSession() method:

i would propose to create a new attribute 'connectionTiemeout' so we could

<sshexec host="" username="mrfawlty" password="dontmention"
command="some_slow_command" timeout="300000" connectionTiemeout='5000' />

it needs only a minor code change: add a private field 'connectionTiemeout' and
a setter for it and change the openSession() method's call to:


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