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Subject svn commit: r881184 - /ant/core/trunk/docs.xml
Date Tue, 17 Nov 2009 08:00:50 GMT
Author: jhm
Date: Tue Nov 17 08:00:50 2009
New Revision: 881184

How to update the online homepage


Modified: ant/core/trunk/docs.xml
--- ant/core/trunk/docs.xml (original)
+++ ant/core/trunk/docs.xml Tue Nov 17 08:00:50 2009
@@ -19,12 +19,18 @@
         Build documentation - XDocs and Javadoc.
         For building XDocs, edit xdocs/**/*.xml first.
         If ../jakarta-site2 does not exist, set -Dsite.dir=... for it,
         or just use -Dvelocity.dir=.../velocity-1.4.x if you have downloaded Velocity somewhere.
         XXX for no apparent reason, your CWD must be the main Ant source dir, or this will
         .../docs.xml:64: org.apache.velocity.exception.ResourceNotFoundException: Unable
to find resource './site.vsl'
+        After this generation the pages in docs/ should be up-to-date and need to be committed.
+        Since I don't remember whether there is a cron job updating the site I
+        usually log in to and run 'svn up' in /www/
+        (make sure your umask is 002 before you do that so the pages remain group writable).
     <!-- Initialization properties -->

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