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Subject svn commit: r791031 - /ant/ivy/core/branches/2.1.0-rc2/doc/release-notes.html
Date Fri, 03 Jul 2009 22:11:02 GMT
Author: maartenc
Date: Fri Jul  3 22:11:02 2009
New Revision: 791031

Preparing 2.1.0-rc2 release


Modified: ant/ivy/core/branches/2.1.0-rc2/doc/release-notes.html
--- ant/ivy/core/branches/2.1.0-rc2/doc/release-notes.html (original)
+++ ant/ivy/core/branches/2.1.0-rc2/doc/release-notes.html Fri Jul  3 22:11:02 2009
@@ -58,7 +58,7 @@
 <h3>2. Status of this release</h3>
-This is the first release candidate of Ivy targetting 2.1.0. 
+This is the second release candidate of Ivy targetting 2.1.0. 
 As a release candidate version, we strongly encourage the use of this version for 
 testing and validation. From now on, features are frozen until final 2.1.0 version, 
@@ -91,51 +91,48 @@
 	Gilles Scokart
- 	Carlton Brown
- 	Martin Eigenbrodt
- 	John Gibson
- 	Randy Nott
+	Mathieu Anquetin
+	Andrey Lomakin
+	Jon Schneider
+	Aleksey Zhukov
 For the list of people who have contributed since Ivy inception, see CHANGES.txt file.
-<h3>6. List of Changes in this Release</h3>
+6. List of Changes in this Release
 For a full release history of Ivy see the file CHANGES.txt
 For details about the following changes, check our JIRA install at
-List of changes since Ivy 2.0.0:
-- IMPROVEMENT: Fail the retrieve when multiple artifacts of same module are mapped to same
file (IVY-1050)
-- IMPROVEMENT: ivy initialization shouldn't fail if properties file doesn't exist (IVY-1038)
-- IMPROVEMENT: ivy:resolve ant task does not support "branch" attribute (IVY-1035)
-- IMPROVEMENT: Ability to strip revConstraint attribute from delivered Ivy files (IVY-989)
-- IMPROVEMENT: enhanced error message when defining an artifact for an unknown configuration.
-- IMPROVEMENT: display the revision of the resolved module in ivy-report.xsl (IVY-1024) (thanks
to Carlton Brown)
-- IMPROVEMENT: resolver attribute for buildnumber task (IVY-1019) (thanks to Martin Eigenbrodt)
-- IMPROVEMENT: add refresh parameter to post resolve tasks (IVY-1017)
-- IMPROVEMENT: Remove excessive HEAD requests for URL repository (IVY-996)
-- IMPROVEMENT: add -version option on command line (IVY-1014)
-- IMPROVEMENT: support resolve refresh in command line (IVY-1013)
-- IMPROVEMENT: Error message is not clear when specifying an invalid value for checksums
-- IMPROVEMENT: catch AccessControlException on System.getProperties() (IVY-1015)
-- FIX: Error message: "impossible to get artifacts when data has not been loaded" , on certain
modules only (IVY-987)
-- FIX: Ivy doesn't handle the classifier attribute of artifacts inside dependency elements
-- FIX: Buildnumber task does not work for chained resolvers (IVY-1037)
-- FIX: Dependencies don't inherit exclusions from dependencyManagement (IVY-974) (thanks
to John Gibson)
-- FIX: Dependency Configuration Negation does not work (IVY-982)
-- FIX: Ivy retrieve does not honor validate="false" from ivysettings (IVY-992)
-- FIX: Snapshot issues when using ibiblio resolver with m2compatible is false (IVY-1028)
-- FIX: Ivy Standalone hangs after publishing to SSH resolver (IVY-1009)
-- FIX: overwrite='false' completely prevents publishing into url repositories (IVY-1007)
-- FIX: Fixed broken logo link in ivy-report.xsl (IVY-1024) (thanks to Carlton Brown)
-- FIX: Support for opensll sha1 and md5 checksum (IVY-1006)
-- FIX: TTL does not work as expected (IVY-1012)
-- FIX: Listing of URL's under a given URL does not handle fully specified URL's (IVY-959)
(thanks to Randy Nott)
-- FIX: <ivy:buildnumber> returns wrong result when resolve fails (IVY-970)
-- FIX: listing possible token values doesn't work properly for the ibiblio resolver
-- FIX: Ivy deliver fails to replace dynamic revision (IVY-999) (thanks to Martin Eigenbrodt)
+List of changes since Ivy 2.1.0-rc1:
+- DOCUMENTATION: not all attributes of publish task are documented (IVY-963) (thanks to Jon
+- DOCUMENTATION: missing documentation for the 'Version Pattern Matcher' (IVY-871) (thanks
to Jon Schneider)
+- DOCUMENTATION: added missing documentation for the 'keep' attribute on the (post)resolve
Ant tasks (IVY-1091)
+- DOCUMENTATION: wrong url in installation.html (IVY-1054)
+- NEW: configuration intersections (IVY-1093)
+- NEW: configuration groups (IVY-1097)
+- NEW: added built-in versionmatcher: 'Version Pattern Matcher' (IVY-871)
+- IMPROVEMENT: Retrieve ant task doesn't support dynamic resolve mode (IVY-1085)
+- IMPROVEMENT: Added support for NTLM authentication (IVY-1094) (thanks to Mathieu Anquetin)
+- IMPROVEMENT: Standalone runner should accept all the same parameters as ant tasks (IVY-1090)
+- IMPROVEMENT: Pre and post retrieve artifact events (IVY-1084)
+- FIX: Ivy didn't fail when an outdated artifact in cache couldn't get deleted
+- FIX: ivy:resolve ignores branch in "dynamic" resolve mode (IVY-1087) (thanks to Aleksey
+- FIX: [originalname] not expanded during retrieve when module descriptor contains extra
attributes (IVY-1096)
+- FIX: The Ant output wasn't always prefixed by the name of the task
+- FIX: Ivy buildnumber task does not find artifact in Sonatype Nexus repo (IVY-1069)
+- FIX: Publish with SSH (sftp or ssh) prevents enclosing java process to terminate (IVY-1075)
+- FIX: Ibiblio resolver throws IndexOutOfBoundsException when using snapshot versions with
usepoms='false' (IVY-1028)
+- FIX: Wrong BuildException messages (findmodules) (IVY-1056)
+- FIX: PomModuleDescriptorBuilder does not resolve ejb type dependencies to jar extension
(IVY-1058) (thanks to Andrey Lomakin)
+- FIX: Ivy doesn't handle maven dependencies with type 'test-jar' correctly (IVY-1066)
+- FIX: transitive dependencies and conflict management (IVY-1083)
+- FIX: exclude does not work in non-trivial conf case (IVY-983)
+- FIX: The artifact report task is generating duplicate artifact entries (IVY-1098)
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