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Subject DO NOT REPLY [Bug 47421] tar task does not flush the buffer correctly for a short block
Date Tue, 30 Jun 2009 05:26:58 GMT

--- Comment #3 from Kirk Turner <>  2009-06-29 22:26:57 PST ---
I hadn't noted the part about the block requirements when reading up about tar
(I haven't been able to finding an actual format specification). But your
implementation does move the generated tar file to be inline with the GNU Tar

"When writing an archive, the last record of blocks should be written at the
full size, with blocks after the zero block containing all zeros. When reading
an archive, a reasonable system should properly handle an archive whose last
record is shorter than the rest, or which contains garbage records after a zero

But I can confirm that this has fixed the garbage issue. It hasn't broken any
tar implementations that I've used either - this is just from a manual
inspection using a binary editor. 

It doesn't particularly help with what I'm doing - but that means I need to
handle these cases rather than assuming (incorrectly) that end of the tar was 2
512 bytes of nulls (the files currently will always be generated by ant - hence
the bug report here). I'm doing some on-the-fly appending to the end of the tar
where I don't know the beginning point to do block reads (e.g. self-extracting
code where the tar file is appended to the end of the executable binary)

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