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Subject DO NOT REPLY [Bug 47373] patch to support setting last modified date
Date Wed, 24 Jun 2009 14:30:28 GMT

--- Comment #18 from Mark Farnsworth <>  2009-06-24 07:30:22
PST ---
I like the idea of <fixlastmodified/> but given the historical use of <zip/>,
et al it may make sense to support multiple techniques.  The current roundup
option at the <zip/> layer is actually conceptually similar and as such IMHO it
makes sense to provide the user the option to set datetime attribute at <zip/>.

We could support datetime and pattern attributes on <zip/>, <ear/>, <jar/>,
<war/>, <tar/>, <touch/>, <zipfileset/> and <fixlastmodified/>.
 Providing the
user syntactical options in this area seems like a good thing.

That said support for <fixlastmodified/> is the cleanest technique and if we
decide to support only one syntax I think this is the best option although it
would mean reworking my patch :(

If we decide to support multiple options I think my patch as is implements the
support for <zip/>.  Viewing the other tags as independent issues and patches
makes thing simple and then when the support is in place syntactically we could
make a follow on patch to unify the implementation to provide a common class
similar to (   Making
the DateFormatFactory a package scope helper class seems like a good idea
because then all the tags could use consistent implementation.  (my patch
currently uses an equivalent parsing technique for dates).

Still given the nature of the problem the simple solution is to simply include
the zip patch as is and provide support for now.  The patch provides the
function needed for most usage using the <zip/> syntax.  Given the niche nature
of the core issue it might be reasonable to simply leave the support only at
<zip/>  (i.e. I don't think we have universal support for the roundup

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