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Subject DO NOT REPLY [Bug 47373] patch to support setting last modified date
Date Mon, 22 Jun 2009 17:59:47 GMT

--- Comment #16 from Mark Farnsworth <>  2009-06-22 10:59:46
PST ---
The use-case I have for setting the value is to make the zip file reflect build
sources and provide a stable MD5 fingerprint.   For my usage setting datetime
at the Zip level is better then the ZipFileSet level because I can control the
entire zip file in one pace as opposed to setting the attribute on each of the
ZipFileSet tags within the parent.  

In the psuedo ant below you can see that having support for datetime at the zip
level allows the user to control the entire zip file in one place and this is
the best solution for my use-case.   Having support for the feature at zfs
level  might be nice for some usage but given the use case presented in this
issue it would be sub optimal since it would require setting the attribute five
on five tags to achieve the same result.


I don't see anything wrong with ALSO having the feature at Tar, ZipFileSet, and
TarFileSet but really I think it is important to support the feature in both
places.  Conceptually the feature is a bit similar to the Roundup feature
already supported at the level and for most ANT users this is likely
to be a place where they would expect to see such a feature.

Adding support at the ZipFileSet is a good thing and I would be happy to do the
work but view it as an independent patch and really an independent feature plus
I think it would be lower priority vs. support at the Zip level.

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