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Subject DO NOT REPLY [Bug 47373] patch to support setting last modified date
Date Thu, 18 Jun 2009 18:23:53 GMT

--- Comment #7 from Mark Farnsworth <>  2009-06-18 11:23:49
PST ---
I agree that there are workarounds but they are not very clean and with MD5
becoming more important I think the ability to control zip content directly via
ANT would be a good feature.  In our build system we have a slow build (clean
get from SVN and totally clean target).  The slow build is 50 minutes.   The
fast build is two minutes with a SVN update to an existing workspace in Hudson
using an ant script that does not do a clean prior to the build.   With my
tuning of the system I can use MD5 hashes to PROVE beyond a shadow of a doubt
that the clean build is just as good as the slow build.   

We now do clean builds after every commit and once a day do a slow build to
check and verify that the normal fast build is working correctly.

In addition MD5 fingerprinting in Hudson lets us find the source build
associated with a given binary.

Having the ability in ANT to control the archive process without resorting to
copy and touch would be a good thing especially for larger projects.

BTW, my current workaround is the a custom task that I developed to extend Zip
and provide the feature via the normal Ant custom task feature.  This works
quite well but it means we can never use the standard zip, war, ear, or jar
tasks plus we need to explain it to everyone who comes along and needs to
review the ant script.

Sure there are work arounds but having a 1st class feature in ANT for this
might be a good thing and most of the work is already done in my patch.  (i
don't think the unit test in the patch is working but if ANT is willing to
accept the feature I would be willing to complete the work and ensure that the
unit test for the new feature and all docs are updated).

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