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Subject svn commit: r781856 - /ant/ivy/site/ivyde/faq.html
Date Thu, 04 Jun 2009 21:27:25 GMT
Author: hibou
Date: Thu Jun  4 21:27:22 2009
New Revision: 781856

IVYDE-139: add the doc about the setup of common-vfs into Eclipse


Modified: ant/ivy/site/ivyde/faq.html
--- ant/ivy/site/ivyde/faq.html (original)
+++ ant/ivy/site/ivyde/faq.html Thu Jun  4 21:27:22 2009
@@ -32,6 +32,7 @@
    <li><a href="#wtp">How can I make IvyDE contribute to the classpath used by
WTP when launching my web application ?</a>
    <li><a href="#xerces">Parsing ivy file fails in IvyDE while it succeeds in
    <li><a href="#norepo">Updating IvyDE fails with "no repository found containing
+   <li><a href="#vfs">Using the common-vfs capability of Ivy inside Eclipse</a>
@@ -87,6 +88,34 @@
 The workaround is to remove the failing updatesite from the list of sites in the Update Manager.
Then add it again (no need to restart Eclipse). You can now update Ivy or IvyDE successfully.
+<h2><a name="vfs"></a>Using some extra capability of Ivy (like common-vfs)
inside Eclipse</h2>
+If you are using some common-vfs capability of Ivy, some setup is needed.
+When working with ant, basically you just install the common-vfs jar into the lib directory
of ant. It is quite similar under Eclipse, but this jar needs to be OSGI capable. So here
is a list of jar of the Ivy dependencies which have been repackaged to be deployed in an OSGi
+    <li>Apache Common VFS 1.0:
+    <li>Apache Commons Httpclient 3.1:
+    <li>Apache Commons Codec 1.3.0:
+    <li>Apache Oro 2.0.8:
+    <li>Apache Commons Logging 1.1.1:
+    <li>Jcraft Jsch 0.1.41:
+<b>Installing the Ivy optional dependencies:</b>
+You just need to put the files into the <tt>plugins</tt> directory of your Eclipse
install. And restart your Eclipse.
+If you are using Eclipse 3.4, you can prefer installing them into the <tt>dropins</tt>
directory, so if you want to remove them later, they will be easier to find.
+Note also that some other plugins might bring one of the Ivy dependencies. So you probably
don't have to install every Ivy dependency listed above, like Apache Commons Logging.
+<b>Important Note:</b> the links above are poiting to artifacts mostly not released
by the Apache Software Fundation, so for licencing issues please refer to the hosting site.
+Note also that other versions exist of the suggested jar pointed by the links above. You
may want to browse these sites to find the jars that fit your needs:
+    <li>Eclipse Orbit: </li>
+    <li>OSGi repository:;keywords=commons&amp;submit=search
+    <li>SpringSource Bundle Repository:
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