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Subject svn commit: r756165 - in /ant/ivy/core/branches/2.1.x: CHANGES.txt README RELEASE_NOTES
Date Thu, 19 Mar 2009 20:17:39 GMT
Author: maartenc
Date: Thu Mar 19 20:17:38 2009
New Revision: 756165

Preparing 2.1.0-rc1 release...


Modified: ant/ivy/core/branches/2.1.x/CHANGES.txt
--- ant/ivy/core/branches/2.1.x/CHANGES.txt (original)
+++ ant/ivy/core/branches/2.1.x/CHANGES.txt Thu Mar 19 20:17:38 2009
@@ -84,7 +84,7 @@
 	Patrick Woodworth
 	Jaroslaw Wypychowski
-   trunk
+   2.1.0-rc1
 - IMPROVEMENT: Fail the retrieve when multiple artifacts of same module are mapped to same
file (IVY-1050)
 - IMPROVEMENT: ivy initialization shouldn't fail if properties file doesn't exist (IVY-1038)

Modified: ant/ivy/core/branches/2.1.x/README
--- ant/ivy/core/branches/2.1.x/README (original)
+++ ant/ivy/core/branches/2.1.x/README Thu Mar 19 20:17:38 2009
@@ -1,4 +1,4 @@
-			Apache Ivy v2.0.0-rc1
+			Apache Ivy 2.1.0-rc1
 Supported Platforms
@@ -57,5 +57,3 @@
 <> library. 
 The sftp and https resolvers requires the Java Cryptography extensions

Modified: ant/ivy/core/branches/2.1.x/RELEASE_NOTES
--- ant/ivy/core/branches/2.1.x/RELEASE_NOTES (original)
+++ ant/ivy/core/branches/2.1.x/RELEASE_NOTES Thu Mar 19 20:17:38 2009
@@ -1,16 +1,14 @@
-	                      Apache Ivy v2.0.0-rc1
+	                      Apache Ivy 2.1.0-rc1
                                Release Notes
 1. What is Apache Ivy?
 2. Status of this release
-3. Major Changes in this Release
-4. Migrating from Jayasoft Ivy to Apache Ivy
-5. How to Get Involved
-6. How to Report Issues
-7. Committers and Contributors for this release
-8. List of Changes in this Release   
+3. How to Get Involved
+4. How to Report Issues
+5. Committers and Contributors for this release
+6. List of Changes in this Release   
 1. What is Apache Ivy?
@@ -32,128 +30,26 @@
 2. Status of this release 
-This is the first release candidate of Ivy targetting 2.0.0. 
-As a release candidate version, we strongly encourage the use of this version for 
-testing and validation.
-From now on, features are frozen until final 2.0.0 version, only bug fixes may be 
-applied before 2.0.0.
-If no outstanding bugs are reported with this release candidate, it will promoted 
-to 2.0.0 about two weeks after this release candidate. 
-The current production quality version is still 1.4.1, which has not been produced 
-within the Apache Software Foundation.
-3. Major Changes in this Release
-This section describes what has changed between version 1.4.1 and this version of 
-Apache Ivy which may cause incompatibilities. For a full list of detailed changes,
-please refer to CHANGES.txt file.
-This new version of Apache Ivy is almost fully compatible with 1.4 version as long 
-as you do not use custom plugins: Ivy API has changed, but not its behavior.
-Some tasks and configuration elements have been renamed, but the old versions
-are still available, they are only deprecated (you will see deprecated warnings). 
-3.1. Java Package Name Changes
-All of the Ivy Java package names have changed in Apache Ivy. They now start 
-with org.apache rather than fr.jayasoft. There have been other changes as well. 
-Important refactorings have done on the source code to ease the understanding
-of Ivy internal architecture by new developers.
-A class named org.apache.ivy.Ivy14 is provided with an API compatible with the
-fr.jayasoft.Ivy class of Ivy 1.4.1, to ease migration to this new version.
-3.2. Configuration replaced by Settings
-Configuration used to have two meanings in prior Ivy versions, causing some confusion
-with new users.
-To avoid this confusion, Apache Ivy calls settings instead of configuration the files
-used to customize Ivy. Configuration is still used for module configurations.
-Besides the changes in the documentation, this renaming also imply a modification
-in settings files, which now use ivysettings as root element instead of ivyconf,
-and settings instead of conf element to define top level defaults (such as 
-defaultCache, ...).
-Previous names have been deprecated, so previous settings files can still be used, but 
-you will see a deprecation warning.
-3.3. Public resolver in default settings is now ibiblio in m2 compatible mode
-In previous versions Ivy used to use the ivyrep resolver as default public resolver, 
-but ivyrep is no longer maintained, while maven 2 repository on ibiblio is growing rapidly.
-Since Ivy is compatible with maven 2 repository, defaulting to the ibiblio maven 2 
-repository makes more sense.
+This is the first release candidate of Ivy targetting 2.1.0. 
-If you have any issue of backward compatibility with these new settings, you can simply 
-set the following ant property before loading the settings (implicitly or explicitly):
-3.4. Relative paths resolution
-Relative paths resolution in Ivy used to be resolved against the current directory. 
-In 2.0, relative path resolution is done like this:
-* In an Ivy file, paths are relative to the Ivy file itself (the only possible path 
-  in an Ivy file is for configurations declaration inclusion)
-* In settings files, paths for file inclusion (namely properties file loading and 
-  settings inclusion) are relative to the directory in which the settings file is 
-  located. All other paths must be absolute unless explicitly noted.
-* In Ivy Ant tasks and Ivy parameters or options, paths are relative to Ivy base 
-  directory, which when called from Ant is the same as your Ant basedir.
-This may break your dependency resolution if you used to use relative paths for configuration
-file inclusion.
-3.5 Ivyrep ivyroot attribute is now mandatory
-If you still use the ivyrep resolver, you will need to provide an ivyroot.
-To restore the previous behavior, use ivyroot="".
-Since Ivyrep is not maintained anymore, we recommend moving away from this repository anyway.
-3.6 alwaysCheckExactRevision now defaults to false
-This property common to many resolvers is used to tell the resolver if the raw revision 
-should be tested even when the revision is dynamic. This is used in very few use cases, 
-so we decided to change the default to false.
-If you want to set the default to true, set 'ivy.default.always.check.exact.revision' to

-'true' before loading Ivy settings.
-4. Migrating from Jayasoft Ivy to Apache Ivy
-Besides what is stated in "3. Major Changes in this Release"
-Apache Ivy is fully compatible with Jayasoft Ivy as long as you do not use 
-custom plugins.
-This means that you can use Apache Ivy as a drop in replacement of Jayasoft Ivy
-in most cases.
-However due to the the renaming of configuration files to settings files, we
-strongly suggest to update your configuration files:
-- rename the files called ivyconf*.xml in ivysettings*.xml
-- rename 'ivyconf' element in 'ivysettings'
-- rename 'conf' element of those settings file in 'settings'
-We also suggest using the new org.apache.ivy.ant package name for the antlib declaration.
-Migrating custom plugins can be done by using the org.apache.ivy.Ivy14 class
-instead of fr.jayasoft.ivy.Ivy, and reorganizing your imports to reflect the 
-changes in the package names.
+As a release candidate version, we strongly encourage the use of this version for 
+testing and validation. From now on, features are frozen until final 2.1.0 version, 
+only bug fixes may be applied before 2.1.0. If no outstanding bugs are reported 
+with this release candidate, it will promoted to 2.1.0 about two weeks after this
+release candidate. 
-5. How to Get Involved
+3. How to Get Involved
 The Apache Ivy project really needs and appreciates any contributions, 
 including documentation help, source code and feedback.  If you are interested
 in contributing, please visit
-6. How to Report Issues
+4. How to Report Issues
 The Apache Ivy project uses JIRA for issue tracking.  Please report any 
 issues you find at
-7. Committers and Contributors for this Release
+5. Committers and Contributors for this Release
 Here is the list of people who have contributed source code and documentation
 to this release. Many thanks to all of them, and also to the whole Ivy community
@@ -168,156 +64,47 @@
  	Carlton Brown
- 	Chris Chilvers
-	Archie Cobbs
-	Ben Hale
-	Tobias Himstedt
-	Michael Kebe
-	Alexey Kiselev
-	Sakari Maaranen
-	David Maplesden
-	Brian Sanders
-	Simon Steiner
-	James P. White
-	Patrick Woodworth
-	Jing Xue
+ 	Martin Eigenbrodt
+ 	John Gibson
+ 	Randy Nott
 For the list of people who have contributed since Ivy inception, see CHANGES.txt file.
-8. List of Changes in this Release
+6. List of Changes in this Release
 For a full release history of Ivy see the file CHANGES.txt
 For details about the following changes, check our JIRA install at
-List of changes since Ivy 2.0.0-beta2:
-- NEW: Report version of Ivy in HTTP headers (user-agent?) when Ivy downloads artifacts (IVY-878)
-- NEW: Add publish support to URL resolver (IVY-848) (thanks to Brian Sanders)
-- NEW: Better support for local builds (IVY-857)
-- NEW: Retain original dependency constraint rules in resolved ivy file (IVY-739)
-- NEW: Add a new resolve mode (optionally per module) to utilize dynamic constraint rule
metadata (IVY-740)
-- NEW: Add transitive dependency version and branch override mechanism (IVY-784)
-- NEW: Add new packager resolver (IVY-829) (thanks to Archie Cobbs)
-- IMPROVEMENT: DualResolver should also provide setDescriptor method instead of setAllownomd,
which is deprecated for the other resolvers (IVY-903)
-- IMPROVEMENT: Parse license information in poms (IVY-892)
-- IMPROVEMENT: Change 'alwaysUseExactRevision' default value to false (IVY-891)
-- IMPROVEMENT: Better and more homogeneous relative paths handling (IVY-387) 
-- IMPROVEMENT: undeprecate configure task (IVY-849)
-- IMPROVEMENT: Detect missing artifacts on publish asap (IVY-862)
-- IMPROVEMENT: Allow to set the branch at deliver/publish time (IVY-859)
-- IMPROVEMENT: Add defaultconf in publications tag of ivy file (IVY-801)
-- IMPROVEMENT: Support atomic publish with sub directory structure (IVY-856)
-- IMPROVEMENT: Provide ant task to retrieve information from published ivy modules (IVY-838)
(thanks to David Maplesden)
-- IMPROVEMENT: Install task fails but reason is not displayed without using -debug or -verbose
-- IMPROVEMENT: SSH resolver doesn't support keyboard-interactive authentication (IVY-836)
(thanks to Tobias Himstedt)
-- IMPROVEMENT: declare source and javadoc artifacts in maven2 modules (IVY-325)
-- IMPROVEMENT: Set the last modified attribute of files downloaded from repositories (IVY-823)
-- IMPROVEMENT: If DNS is playing up, Ivy takes a lot longer to sort project dependencies
-- IMPROVEMENT: make it possible to specify permissions of published files for the SSH resolver
-- IMPROVEMENT: Load Ivy version number into some Ant property (IVY-790)
-- IMPROVEMENT: Make Ivy standalone runnable with no required dependencies (IVY-757)
-- IMPROVEMENT: add branch attribute in ivy:install task (IVY-727)
-- IMPROVEMENT: Parse description information in ivy files (IVY-766)
-- IMPROVEMENT: Parse description and home page from poms (IVY-767)
-- IMPROVEMENT: Change allownomd and skipbuildwithoutivy into a more semantically correct
name (IVY-297)
-- IMPROVEMENT: Smarter determination if an expression is exact or not for RegexpPatternMatcher
and GlobPatternMatcher
-- IMPROVEMENT: Check branch consistency during resolve (IVY-858)
-- IMPROVEMENT: Give the possibility to not compute ivy.deps.changed (IVY-876)
-- IMPROVEMENT: Add a memory cache for the module descriptor that are parsed from the cache
-- IMPROVEMENT: Improve performance (IVY-872)
-- IMPROVEMENT: Additional descriptions of build.xml targets (IVY-499)
-- FIX: Publish Ant Task 'warnonmissing' ignored (IVY-867)
-- FIX: Ivy stand-alone ignores -cache argument (IVY-901) (thanks to Chris Chilvers)
-- FIX: ivy.cache.dir.${settingsRef} is set to default instead of the defaultCacheDir from
the ivysettings.xml after ivy:resolve (IVY-898)
-- FIX: Ivy ibiblio resolver chokes on variables while checking descriptor consistency (IVY-818)
-- FIX: Enable consistent support of the configuration negation operator (IVY-894) (thanks
to Patrick Woodworth)
-- FIX: add variable expansion in extra attributes (IVY-798)
-- FIX: Invalid URL when using dynamic ranges (IVY-885)
-- FIX: can't use gotoNode with a node which has not been visited yet (IVY-874)
-- FIX: Ivy Publish Task Fails When XML Comments Exist Next to Dependency Declarations (IVY-888)
-- FIX: Incorrect directory path resolve when running from a different directory (IVY-232)
-- FIX: Ivy#listTokenValues(String, Map) does not filter returned values, and does not use
maven-metadata.xml files with IBiblio resolver (IVY-886)
-- FIX: Circular Dependency messages in a resolve do not reflect the configuration used during
the resolve (IVY-708)
-- FIX: Failure to transitively install Maven2 artifacts with namespace (IVY-440)
-- FIX: Unwanted eviction of dependencies when optional attributes in dependency and info
tags are in consistent (IVY-745)
-- FIX: HTTP Handlers ignore unsuccessful response codes (IVY-864) (thanks to James P. White)
-- FIX: Deliver delivers the wrong version when a dynamic revision is evicted before being
resolved (IVY-707)
-- FIX: Inconsistency with "multi-project" tutorial (IVY-667)
-- FIX: URLRepository does not allow some valid file scheme uri's (IVY-884)
-- FIX: Incorrect parsing artifactPattern attribute in a sftp resolver (IVY-661) (thanks to
Alexey Kiselev)
-- FIX: Maven2 "ejb" packaging is not supported (IVY-873)
-- FIX: Config files with # in path can't be read (IVY-868) (thanks to Simon Steiner)
-- FIX: Cache can't distinguish artifacts with classifiers (IVY-803) (thanks to James P. White)
-- FIX: Reports showing double dependencies in certain cases (IVY-578)
-- FIX: Dynamic revision resolve does not throw error when configuration is missing (IVY-861)
-- FIX: Referenced resolver not found in macro (IVY-860)
-- FIX: Ivy files are not retrieved when using useOrigin=true (IVY-713)
-- FIX: NPE in Ivy:install task if the repository cache dir has been cleared (IVY-843)
-- FIX: Maven version ranges with ( ) are not supported (IVY-678) (thanks to Michael Kebe)
-- FIX: Ignore maven metadata files when listing revisions (IVY-765)
-- FIX: haltonmissing on publish task does not prevent the other files to be published, even
with an atomic publisher (IVY-656)
-- FIX: Transitive dependencies resolves incorrectly when different modules uses the same
dependency with different configurations in the same build (IVY-541)
-- FIX: transitive attribute set to false because of dependency (IVY-105)
-- FIX: Wrong check for defaultCacheArtifactPattern (IVY-840)
-- FIX: NPE in ivy:install if ivy.settings.xml contains custom attribute for a module (IVY-838)
-- FIX: Ivy unit tests fail because 'classifier' attribute of 'artifacts' element is missing
in ivy.xsd (IVY-837)
-- FIX: Ivy build system: fix build.xml to allow "ant coverage-report" behind a proxy (IVY-832)
-- FIX: NPE in AbstractResolver.exists() if a resource cannot be found (IVY-831)
-- FIX: Ivy distribution jars contains duplicate entries (IVY-828)
-- FIX: ivy:report will generate an HTML file that references non-existent ivy-report.css
-- FIX: dynamic resolveMode not being dynamic on branch (IVY-825)
-- FIX: Filesystem repositories can not have () in the path (IVY-797)
-- FIX: Type tag in poms not supported (IVY-762)
-- FIX: An empty exclusion tag results in an IllegalArgumentException (IVY-821)
-- FIX: Maven scope defined in POM dependencyManagement section not honoured (IVY-811)
-- FIX: SFTPRepository incorrectly calculates last modified time for resources (IVY-815)
-- FIX: Filesystem resolver does not evaluate [branch] token when publishing (IVY-814)
-- FIX: Using ivy:settings with the "id" attribute not behaving as expected (IVY-809)
-- FIX: onMissingDescriptor doesn't work due to == comparison (IVY-805) (thanks to Ben Hale)
-- FIX: revision token is not set in report outputpattern (IVY-272)
-- FIX: Ivy uses the first set of configurations it sees when resolving multiple versions
of a module (IVY-681)
-- FIX: Eviction fails for libs not providing their ivy configuration and providing artifacts
named different between lib versions (IVY-537)
-- FIX: Memory leak in (IVY-791)
-- FIX: conflict manager scoping does not work as expected (IVY-465)
-- FIX: ivy.original.xml file using artifact pattern in cache and causing problems (IVY-787)
-- FIX: ivy:retrieve with sync="true" removes the .svn directory (IVY-763)
-- FIX: Ivy silently fails XML errors in ivyrep (IVY-579)
-- FIX: Extra Attributes are not available to resolver after resolve if cache was empty (IVY-773)
-- FIX: NullPointerException during ResovleEngine.downloadArtifacts. (IVY-592)
-- FIX: setting m2compatible on ibiblio resolver overwrite root and pattern settings (IVY-437)
(thanks to Jing Xue)
-- FIX: unable to resolve snapshot versions (IVY-501)
-- FIX: No error or warning when a resolver references a non-existent cache (IVY-777)
-- FIX: ivy properties defined in an include file not available in the file that includes
it (IVY-780)
-- FIX: SFTPRepository.list(String) hides exceptions (IVY-751)
-- FIX: Wrong error message for republishing a module (IVY-752)
-- FIX: resolve fails to put metadata in cache (IVY-779)
-- FIX: multiple cleancache and inline retrieve error (IVY-778)
-- FIX: buildlist evicts modules with the same name, but different organisation (IVY-731)
-- FIX: Out of memory/Stack overflow for new highly coupled project (IVY-595)
-- FIX: Compatibility with maven's dependencyMangement (IVY-753)
-- FIX: ivy:settings fails when override is not set to 'true' (IVY-771)
-- FIX: NPE when specifying both resolveId and inline in an Ivy:Resolve (IVY-776)
-- FIX: repreport task not working against a repository structured by branches (IVY-716)
-- FIX: Ivy reports a conflict when the same file is supposed to be retrieved at the same
location twice (or more) (IVY-743)
-- FIX: StackOverflowError when configuration extends itself (IVY-696)
-- FIX: XML schema ambiguity (IVY-750)
-- FIX: ivy-resolve fails when a project has different dependencies in different branches
-- FIX: PublishEventsTest fails when Ivy sources are located in a directory with a + (IVY-755)
-- FIX: XML entity parsing does not work properly (IVY-737) (thanks to Patrick Woodworth)
-- FIX: Cachefileset task silently fails with parent dir ".." construct (IVY-638)
-- FIX: SFTP should verify input parameter for hostname (IVY-734)
-- FIX: Classpath issues with vfs ftp while being used as a bundle (IVY-785)
-- FIX: Relative include in a settings must be evaluated relatively to the settings file (IVY-372)
-- FIX: The Bundle-Version is 0.0.0 in the build artifacts (IVY-802)
-- FIX: Fix the encoding used in XML reports (IVY-816)
-- FIX: Properties tag in ivy conf do not support relative path (IVY-89)
-- FIX: Ivy causes IveDE to fail where a properties file is relative to ivyconf.xml (IVY-573)
-- DOCUMENTATION: Fixed more than a hundred (100+) obsolete "configuration" references; replaced
with "settings" (IVY-863) (thanks to Sakari Maaranen)
-- DOCUMENTATION: Elaborated documentation of ivy files and deliver/publish tasks (IVY-847)
(thanks to Sakari Maaranen)
-- DOCUMENTATION: Ivy terminology elaboration and illustration (IVY-852) (thanks to Sakari
-- DOCUMENTATION: Broken link in documentation in Ivy files section, info element page (IVY-788)
-- DOCUMENTATION: Add new cache information to resolver doc (IVY-772) (thanks to Carlton Brown)
+List of changes since Ivy 2.0.0:
+- IMPROVEMENT: Fail the retrieve when multiple artifacts of same module are mapped to same
file (IVY-1050)
+- IMPROVEMENT: ivy initialization shouldn't fail if properties file doesn't exist (IVY-1038)
+- IMPROVEMENT: ivy:resolve ant task does not support "branch" attribute (IVY-1035)
+- IMPROVEMENT: Ability to strip revConstraint attribute from delivered Ivy files (IVY-989)
+- IMPROVEMENT: enhanced error message when defining an artifact for an unknown configuration.
+- IMPROVEMENT: display the revision of the resolved module in ivy-report.xsl (IVY-1024) (thanks
to Carlton Brown)
+- IMPROVEMENT: resolver attribute for buildnumber task (IVY-1019) (thanks to Martin Eigenbrodt)
+- IMPROVEMENT: add refresh parameter to post resolve tasks (IVY-1017)
+- IMPROVEMENT: Remove excessive HEAD requests for URL repository (IVY-996)
+- IMPROVEMENT: add -version option on command line (IVY-1014)
+- IMPROVEMENT: support resolve refresh in command line (IVY-1013)
+- IMPROVEMENT: Error message is not clear when specifying an invalid value for checksums
+- IMPROVEMENT: catch AccessControlException on System.getProperties() (IVY-1015)
+- FIX: Error message: "impossible to get artifacts when data has not been loaded" , on certain
modules only (IVY-987)
+- FIX: Ivy doesn't handle the classifier attribute of artifacts inside dependency elements
+- FIX: Buildnumber task does not work for chained resolvers (IVY-1037)
+- FIX: Dependencies don't inherit exclusions from dependencyManagement (IVY-974) (thanks
to John Gibson)
+- FIX: Dependency Configuration Negation does not work (IVY-982)
+- FIX: Ivy retrieve does not honor validate="false" from ivysettings (IVY-992)
+- FIX: Snapshot issues when using ibiblio resolver with m2compatible is false (IVY-1028)
+- FIX: Ivy Standalone hangs after publishing to SSH resolver (IVY-1009)
+- FIX: overwrite='false' completely prevents publishing into url repositories (IVY-1007)
+- FIX: Fixed broken logo link in ivy-report.xsl (IVY-1024) (thanks to Carlton Brown)
+- FIX: Support for opensll sha1 and md5 checksum (IVY-1006)
+- FIX: TTL does not work as expected (IVY-1012)
+- FIX: Listing of URL's under a given URL does not handle fully specified URL's (IVY-959)
(thanks to Randy Nott)
+- FIX: <ivy:buildnumber> returns wrong result when resolve fails (IVY-970)
+- FIX: listing possible token values doesn't work properly for the ibiblio resolver
+- FIX: Ivy deliver fails to replace dynamic revision (IVY-999) (thanks to Martin Eigenbrodt)

Modified: ant/ivy/core/branches/2.1.x/
--- ant/ivy/core/branches/2.1.x/ (original)
+++ ant/ivy/core/branches/2.1.x/ Thu Mar 19 20:17:38 2009
@@ -16,9 +16,9 @@
 #	 * specific language governing permissions and limitations
 #	 * under the License.
 #	 ***************************************************************
 # Following OSGi spec: have to be 3 numbers separated by dots
 # in case we want to add a qualifier such as alpha, beta, etc...
 # if non empty, add a '_' at the end of the qualifier, so the version would look like 1.2.3.alpha_200901011200
\ No newline at end of file

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