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Subject DO NOT REPLY [Bug 46780] <target>'s condition check is wrong
Date Sun, 01 Mar 2009 01:30:08 GMT changed:

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--- Comment #2 from  2009-02-28 17:30:06 PST ---

>>>... this behavior has been intact in Ant for many years...
yes, I know it, but it does not make it right. 

Of cause, I oversimplified the case to make it clear what I am talking about.
Let me complicate it a lit bit more so you can see why I still think it is
wrong behavior and may be you can give me a solution for my problem.

Lets say I have many independent targets: target1, target2, ... targetN, and
they all do different but not simple tasks. Lets say I what to have combination
of them depending on some conditions, so I have the following:

<target name='first' depends='target1, target3, target4' if='some.condition1'>
  <echo> in first </echo>

<target name='second' depends='target1, target3, target5' if='some.condition2'>
  <echo> in second </echo>

<target name='third' depends='target3, target5' if='some.condition.3'>
  <echo> in third </echo>

Do you see what I mean?
In such case, what would be the right approach to have different sets of
targets called in different conditions? <antcall> is what I have, __but__ I do
not want to use it, because it is evil. It does not keep  track of dependencies
(you can create indefinite loop of targets using it :( )

Thank you.

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