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Subject DO NOT REPLY [Bug 32526] Add "whenempty" attribute to <fileset>
Date Tue, 24 Feb 2009 18:51:37 GMT

--- Comment #14 from Mike Cepek <>  2009-02-24 10:51:35 PST ---
Comment #13 has an acceptable proposal.  A key aspect is that it's integral to
the tarfileset, not requiring a separate set definition linked through a refid.
 It's a big win to keep it all together in the same task.

Another advantage is being able to bracket wildcarded include specifications,
which otherwise would be uncheckable.

However, using wildcards breaks the strictness, since an explicitly named file
which doesn't exist could be masked by a new wildcarded file.  To solve this,
wildcards could simply be put into their own set(s):

     <tarfileset dir="${dist}" username="admin" group="admin"
             minFileCount="3" maxFilecount="3">
         <include name="lib/my-main.jar" />
         <include name="tools/lib/my-tools.jar" />
         <include name="conf/VERSION" />
     <tarfileset dir="${dist}" username="admin" group="admin"
             minFileCount="5" maxFilecount="10">
         <include name="**/*.jar"/>

I had a completely different idea.  What about a new fileset attribute besides
<filename> and <include>, something like <exact name=""> which fails
the file doesn't exist.  It would be nice to push the checking down to that
level, even to the point of having the maxCount and minCount settings there
(instead of for the fileset as a whole).

BTW, I'm fine relegating this discussion to the users list.

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