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Subject DO NOT REPLY [Bug 46506] New: Unexpected results from globmapper
Date Fri, 09 Jan 2009 22:37:11 GMT

           Summary: Unexpected results from globmapper
           Product: Ant
           Version: 1.7.1
          Platform: PC
        OS/Version: Windows XP
            Status: NEW
          Severity: normal
          Priority: P2
         Component: Core

In a build process, I want to move a file named in the pattern of a-[x.x].jar
to a.jar, where [x.x] is a version number of the library. I used the following
globmapper as a nested element in the move task.

    <mapper type="glob" from="a*.jar" to="a.jar"/>

I would expect the result as a.jar. Instead, it turns out to be a.jar-[x.x].

I looked into the source code and found that the code always expect the
variable part also exists in the "to" file name.  Not sure if it is by design
spec or just a missing case.

The fix should be easy by introducing a flag: hasVarInTo initialized to true.
Then modify the two methods as following.

    public void setTo(String to) {
        int index = to.lastIndexOf("*");
        if (index == -1) {
            toPrefix = to;
            toPostfix = "";
            hasVarInTo = false;  // THIS IS ADDED FOR THE FIX
        } else {
            toPrefix = to.substring(0, index);
            toPostfix = to.substring(index + 1);

    public String[] mapFileName(String sourceFileName) {
        if (fromPrefix == null
            || !modifyName(sourceFileName).startsWith(modifyName(fromPrefix))
            || !modifyName(sourceFileName).endsWith(modifyName(fromPostfix))) {
            return null;
        return new String[] {toPrefix
                                 + (hasVarInTo?
                                 + toPostfix : "")}; // THIS IS MODIFIED TO
                                                     // FIX THE ISSUE

For the "from" part, we can always assume there will be a variable since it is
what globmapper is used for.

If it is by design spec, it should be noted in the document at the minimum.


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