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Subject DO NOT REPLY [Bug 46612] bug in default XSLT processor: Predicate ignored for self::some_qname
Date Wed, 28 Jan 2009 15:44:48 GMT

--- Comment #4 from Daniel B. <>  2009-01-28 07:44:47 PST ---
(In reply to comment #3)
> Ant uses the XSLT processor of the JDK or whatever you specify via the endorsed
> standards mechanism (or the task's factory configuration) - ...
> In any case it is a bug in the processor, not in Ant, 

Yes, I know.  Did you read the last paragraph of my report?

> and there is nothing we could do.

You could tell me what Ant does:

- mainly, what "the task's factory configuration" does.  (Does it do 
  nothing special and probably therefore cause use of the JDK's default 
  XSLT processor, or does it possibly so something else?), and

- whether Ant does anything different than calling the JDk's 
  normal/default API methods for transforming, and, if so, what Ant does.

And even though it's not part of Ant, since you (or someone reading this)
likely know better than I do, what is the default XSLT transformer for
JDK 1.6(.11) (so in case Sun is going to also say "it's not our bug, see
xyz", I can jump directly to xyz to report the problem)?  Is it Xalan,
or something else?  Which version?

(I'm trying to get enough information to be able to reproduce the
bug outside of Ant without spending as much time as I did beating 
against the bug in the first place.)

Hey, you changed the status to RESOLVED INVALID before the upstream bug 
in Ant's _default_ XSLT transformer for the _core_ XSLT task was fixed.  

If the bug were a non-default transformer, I'd agree, but this isn't
some optional task or a custom configuration. 

Why not track upstream bugs that affect Ant to make sure they get fixed
(e.g., the way Debian GNU/Linux tracks such bugs, tracking the bug in 
the Debian bug system (marked as reported upstream, not for the Debian 
maintainer to actually fix but just to monitor for a fix from upstream)
until the bug is fixed by the upstream maintainer?  (Wouldn't you
track in and report it upstream if the bug were in the default XML 
processor used for reading build.xml files?)

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