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Subject DO NOT REPLY [Bug 43114] repeatedly compiled
Date Wed, 07 Jan 2009 14:05:11 GMT

--- Comment #14 from Adam Batkin <>  2009-01-07 06:05:10 PST ---
Since it seems that there is no resolution on this, can I request that for the
next release, all special handling of package-info files is removed? (i.e. this
change is reverted) If someone comes up with a better idea/fix that works for
everyone, that can always be added at a later date.

My rationale is that Ant is currently broken for some people with this change
in, and special-casing (besides adding 30 or so extra lines
of code and the extra complexity associated with conditionally excluding this
single file) adds almost no benefit.

While the original reporter said that ant reporting a single file always being
recompiled was confusing, I find it FAR more confusing that my code works when
compiled by hand (or Eclipse) but breaks when compiled with Ant.

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