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Subject DO NOT REPLY [Bug 46063] MailLogger does not work correctly with SSL
Date Thu, 23 Oct 2008 21:51:27 GMT

--- Comment #3 from Craig Richardson <>  2008-10-23 14:51:26
PST ---
As I recall, I tried the no argument Transport.connect() method, but this
didn't work when the SMTP server required authentication.

However, it should be perfectly OK to pass a null username and password to the
three argument version of Transport.connect(). The implementation of the no
argument version of this method, which is inherited from JavaMail's Service
class, is equivalent to Transport.connect(null, null, null).

Moreover, the comments attached to the three argument method specifically state
that the username and password can be null:

   The implementation in the Service class will collect defaults
   for the host, user, and password from the session, from the
   URLName for this service, and from the supplied parameters and
   then call protocolConnect method <snip>

   If the username passed in is null, a default value will be chosen
   as described above.

   If the password passed in is null and this is the first successful
   connection to this service, the user name and the password collected
   from the user will be saved as defaults for subsequent connection
   attempts... <snip>

So I think you should be fine. If you like, I can test this with a server that
doesn't require authentication just to make sure.

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