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Subject DO NOT REPLY [Bug 45499] DirectoryScanner infinitely recurses on symlinks to parent directories
Date Thu, 16 Oct 2008 10:29:03 GMT

--- Comment #12 from Stefan Bodewig <>  2008-10-16 03:29:02 PST ---
Detecting whether a certain filesystem object is a symbolic link is
surprisingly wasteful in Java (both in terms of time as well as memory
required), so the code tries to avoid these checks unless it suspects it is
caught in an infinite loop.

To make DirectoryScanner suspect it is in such a loop it has to see the same
directory name (only the name without parents) more often than a configurable
number of times.

Between the point in time where Tim confirmed his build no longer failed and
the current svn version I've increased the default value of how often the same
name of a directory is acceptable from one to five, see

Most likely you now hit the out-of-memory exception because Ant doesn't break
out of the traversal early enough.  Could you play with the value of
DirectoryScanner#MAX_LEVELS_OF_SYMLINKS to see whether a value hopefully bigger
than one works for you?

Tuning this really is something we need to do before we release the code.

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