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Subject DO NOT REPLY [Bug 41924] Untar target does not handle long filenames in POSIX tar files
Date Wed, 09 Jul 2008 17:32:59 GMT

--- Comment #9 from Matt Benson <>  2008-07-09 10:32:58 PST ---
(In reply to comment #8)
> Documenting a bug is not fixing it.  I did not see the note that subtly pointed
> out that extracting ant with standard tar WILL FAIL.  This caused me
> unnecessary wasted time.  I have NEVER seen a GNU or other Free Software
> project tolerate such sloppyness, only Microsoft.

Your problem is with extracting Ant itself?  That actually isn't related to
this issue.

For what it's worth, though, poor spelling might itself be taken as a sign of
"sloppiness," as might failure to read directions.  Further, your invocation of
the holy name of GNU leads me to point out that the issue in question being
with GNU tar formats, it's obvious "plain" tar didn't satisfy that organization

> Recommended fix #1:
>   Shorten pathnames to 100 characters.

That's like saying "Some cars are small.  I'll cut off my head so I can fit
into one of these."  You wouldn't do that; you'd just use a car into which you
can fit.

> Recommended fix #2:
>   Use nested tar files with the "inside" tar archives having files relative
>   to higher directories.  In other words, for the file long1/long2/,
>   have the main "top level" tar file have the file long1/long2/short.tar with
>   short.tar having files relative to long1/long2, such as just
>   Then, as part of the build procedure do "cd long1/long2;tar -xf short.tar".

There really isn't a build procedure, per se.  Extract and go.

> Recommended fix #3 (and least desirable):
>   Have the ./configure test for the existence of one of the long file names.
>   If it does not exist (and maybe even test for the existence of the name
>   truncated to 100 characters).  If the long file name does not exist then
>   the configure should fail with an explanation.  This should be trivial to
>   add.

Once again, there is no configure script shipped with Ant, nor is there a
makefile.  You DO know what project this is, right?

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