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From Jaikiran Pai <>
Subject Re: ivy cache, changing patterns and time to live
Date Wed, 07 Feb 2018 04:02:12 GMT
To be honest, I did not fully understand what the issue/question is. Is 
it possible for you to create a simple application which reproduces and 
explains what the issue is?

P.S: AFAIK, this mailing list doesn't support attachments, so if you do 
have that simple application, you might want it included within the 
email as text.


On 01/02/18 2:33 AM, Geißler, Daniel wrote:
> Hi,
> we are investigating some serious pain with our build times and identified ivy:resolve
as the main time consumer.
> While having similar dependency trees in most of the components in the multi module build,
all artifacts seem to be searched in the remote repository all the time.
> We know that dynamic and SNAPSHOT versions are one reason for that, but still there must
be a way to keep the results at least for one build fresh.
> This is where we found the defaultTTL or ttl aspects of caches (
> With some rough testing we figured out that enabling the checkmodified flag on a resolver
forces every artifact to be resolved (be it a SNAPSHOT dependency or not, all artifacts are
listed as searched by the resolve task).
> But when we set checkmodified="false" and a short defaultTTL on the cache, repeated calls
will not trigger a search until the time expires.
> Here's the resolver configuration for the repository containing SNAPSHOT and released
> <ibiblio name="all-development" m2compatible="true" latest="my-strategy" useMavenMetadata="false"
>              root="${ivy.repository.root}/${}"
>              checkmodified="false" changingMatcher="regexp" changingPattern=".*-SNAPSHOT.*"
> and this is how our cache is configured:
> <cache name="my-cache" useOrigin="true" basedir="${ivy.cache.repository.dir}"
>              ivyPattern="${ivy.cache.ivy-pattern}" artifactPattern="${ivy.cache.artifact-pattern}"
>              lockStrategy="artifact-lock-nio" />
> Anyone can give brief explanation when to use what and which sideeffects to expect? The
documentation is not exactly clear about how to handle changing artifacts in a effective way.
> any help would be appreciated
> Daniel Geißler
> _____________________________________
> SALT Solutions AG
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Lang, Frank Reinecke
> Vorsitzender des Aufsichtsrats: Dr. Michael Fuchs
> Sitz: München, AG München, HRB 228545

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