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From "Plamondon, Pierrick" <>
Subject repo seems out of sync
Date Fri, 20 Jan 2017 14:23:23 GMT

My ivy repo seems more and more out of sync. 

The repo is online since 8 years and since one year things are beginning to be weird. For
example, I have the dependency :

<dependency org="apache-client" name="commons-client" rev="4.5.2" conf="runtime->default"

In the commons-client folder there are 2 folders. The 4.5.2 and the 4.2.6. My application
for a reason I don't know uploaded the 4.2.6 version in my application instead of the 4.5.2.
It was working earlyer this week as it was taking the 4.5.2.  I haven't do any change as I
know. I don't know how to solve the problem and I created another folder (apache-client2)
with only the 4.5.2 version. When I try to import it says :

Some projects fail to be resolved
Impossible to resolve dependencies of nurun#eregroupement-presentation;working@pplamondon-CJ85
unresolved dependency: apache-client2#commons-client;4.5.2: not found

In the past few month I was able to bypass the error that the wrong version is taken by creating
a new folder (apache-client2) in this case, but that too is not working anymore as of today
as we can see. So I ask help to you. 

Here is the ivy.xml of the apache-client2: 

<ivy-module version="2.0"
	<info organisation="apache-client2" module="commons-client" revision="4.5.2" status="release"
		<artifact name="httpclient" type="jar"/>

Can you help me please ? 



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