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From "" <>
Subject Re: IVY Clearcase integration
Date Wed, 04 Nov 2015 09:52:17 GMT

Clearcase is in my eyes a *source* config management system. Jar files 
are generated/compiled binaries from sources.
So no source repository - also not clearcase - would be a good solution 
for managing binary configurations.

Instead I would stick to a maven repository like sonatype nexus for the 
binaries. Ivy can handle any maven repository, also nexus. And your 
ivy.xml is making for you the config management of the binaries. ivy.xml 
itself is again managed by clearcase, so your config managment needs 
should be matched fully.

If you still insist using clearcase - which I do not recommend - you can 
handle the ivy:retrieve by providing your own resolvers in IVY

I would spent my time better in setting up a nexus locally in the 
enterprise, instead of investing into a non standard resolver solution 
based on clearcase...

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