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From Marc De Boeck <>
Subject Re: Can't make virtual module work with ivy:resolve
Date Tue, 11 Aug 2015 05:55:29 GMT
We have similar virtual modules and it works for us: with IvyDE and with an
The only difference I see, is that we have an explicit closing tag for the
empty publication element of our virtual modules:



2015-08-10 21:56 GMT+02:00 Douglas Wegscheid <>:

> I am using IvyDE, and want to minimize the amount of cruft in a set of
> related projects. I saw the reference to 'virtual' modules in the Ivy FAQ
> ("Can I write an ivy file for a module with no artifact at all ?") and that
> looks to be what I need.
> I have one empty Eclipse project "cli-googlecli-ivy" that I put the "master
> list" in with this ivy.xml:
> <ivy-module version="2.0" xmlns:xsi="
>        xsi:noNamespaceSchemaLocation="
>     <info organisation="com.whirlpool" module="whr-googlecli-ivy"/>
>     <publications/>
>     <dependencies>
>    <dependency org="args4j" name="args4j" rev="2.32" />
>             <!-- lots more here -->
>     </dependencies>
> </ivy-module>
> The projects that need the dependencies just have this for ivy.xml.
> <ivy-module version="2.0"
> xmlns:xsi=""
> xsi:noNamespaceSchemaLocation="">
> <info organisation="com.whirlpool" module="whr-googlecli-demo"
> status="integration"/>
> <dependencies>
> <dependency org="com.whirlpool" name="whr-googlecli-ivy"
> rev="latest.integration"/>
> </dependencies>
> </ivy-module>
> and I make sure that the "Resolve in workspace" checkbox is set.
> Eclipse is happy; all my dependencies are there, my classpath gets set,
> etc, etc.
> The problem is when I try to set up an ant script in Eclipse  to do a
> shippable build, the ivy:resolve task looks in local, shared, and public
> repos to find whr-googlecli-ivy.jar. I don't need it to do that (this is an
> empty project, remember?), I just need it know about the dependencies I put
> in the cli-googlecli-ivy.
> How do I get ivy:resolve to work with a virtual module and not try to
> download artifacts for the module itself (just it's dependencies)?
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