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From André-John Mas <>
Subject Help needed building a Maven based project, via Ivy/Ant
Date Tue, 30 Dec 2014 21:44:53 GMT
I am trying to build a project based on the Alfresco One CMS (, but I am
running into issues, when using Ivy.

Where I work, we aren't allowed to use Maven, since we have standardised on Ivy (at least
that is the reason I have been given). As a compromise I am trying to create an Ivy based
project, configured to use a Maven resolver to point to the Alfresco artefacts repository.

So far my ivy-settings.xml looks a bit as follows:

    <chain name="maven-resolvers">
      <ibiblio name="alfresco-public" root=""
m2compatible="true" />            
      <ibiblio name="alfresco-public" root=""
m2compatible="true" />            
      <ibiblio name="alfresco-public" root=""
m2compatible="true" />   
      <ibiblio name="alfresco-public" root=""
m2compatible="true" />         
      <ibiblio name="java-net-maven2" root="" m2compatible="true"
      <ibiblio name="sonatype" root="" m2compatible="true"
  <settings defaultResolver="maven-resolvers"/>

The ivy.xml:

<ivy-module version="2.0" xmlns:m="">
  <info organisation="" module="Experimental" revision="1.0"/>
    <conf name="default"/>
    <conf name="source"/>
    <conf name="zip"/>
    <conf name="runtime" visibility="private"/>
    <artifact name="${}" type="jar" conf="default" />
    <artifact name="${}" type="zip" conf="zip" />
    <dependency org="org.alfresco" name="alfresco" rev="5.0.c" conf="runtime->default"/>

A truncated sample of the failed resolutions, when building via ant, are:

[ivy:retrieve] 		::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
[ivy:retrieve] 		::          UNRESOLVED DEPENDENCIES         ::
[ivy:retrieve] 		::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
[ivy:retrieve] 		:: commons-codec#commons-codec;1.9: not found
[ivy:retrieve] 		:: commons-collections#commons-collections;3.2.1: not found
[ivy:retrieve] 		:: commons-httpclient#commons-httpclient;3.1: not found
[ivy:retrieve] 		:: commons-logging#commons-logging;1.1.3: not found
[ivy:retrieve] 		:: commons-io#commons-io;2.4: not found
[ivy:retrieve] 		:: org.safehaus.jug#jug;2.0.0: not found
[ivy:retrieve] 		:: org.json#json;20090211: not found
[ivy:retrieve] 		:: aopalliance#aopalliance;1.0: not found
[ivy:retrieve] 		:: javax.servlet#servlet-api;2.5: not found
[ivy:retrieve] 		:: dom4j#dom4j;1.6.1: not found
[ivy:retrieve] 		::;1.0-2: not found
[ivy:retrieve] 		:: javax.activation#activation;1.1: not found
[ivy:retrieve] 		:: org.codehaus.guessencoding#guessencoding;1.0: not found
[ivy:retrieve] 		:: org.apache.httpcomponents#httpclient;4.3.3: not found
[ivy:retrieve] 		:: jaxen#jaxen;1.1.6: not found
[ivy:retrieve] 		:: org.jibx#jibx-run;1.2.5: not found
[ivy:retrieve] 		:: org.apache.chemistry.opencmis#chemistry-opencmis-client-impl;0.11.0: not
[ivy:retrieve] 		:: org.apache.chemistry.opencmis#chemistry-opencmis-commons-impl;0.11.0:
not found
[ivy:retrieve] 		:: org.apache.chemistry.opencmis#chemistry-opencmis-server-bindings;0.11.0:
not found
[ivy:retrieve] 		:: xml-apis#xml-apis;1.4.01: not found
[ivy:retrieve] 		:: org.apache.tika#tika-core;1.6-20140428-alfresco-patched: not found
[ivy:retrieve] 		:: org.apache.tika#tika-parsers;1.6-20140428-alfresco-patched: not found
[ivy:retrieve] 		:: com.googlecode.juniversalchardet#juniversalchardet;1.0.3: not found

I am wondering whether the POMs are being used or something else is going wrong?

Thanks in advance for any help.


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