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From Mark Thornton <>
Subject Re: IVY resolve and IVY publish very slow
Date Tue, 25 Nov 2014 14:59:06 GMT
If your dependencies are located in a number of repositories, it helps to
use module entries in your ivysettings file like this:

        <module organisation="com.optrak.*" resolver="${ivy.optrak}"/>
        <module organisation="org.unitsofmeasurement"
        <module organisation="javax.jnlp" resolver="thirdparty"/>
        <module organisation="com.kcmultimedia" resolver="thirdparty"/>
        <module organisation="com.jgoodies" resolver="thirdparty"/>
        <module organisation="com.oroinc" resolver="thirdparty"/>
        <module organisation="com.klg.jclass" resolver="thirdparty"/>
        <module organisation="com.migcalendar" resolver="thirdparty"/>
        <module organisation="org.checkthread" resolver="thirdparty"/>
        <module organisation="net.textanywhere" resolver="thirdparty"/>
        <module organisation="com.l2fprod.common" resolver="thirdparty"/>
        <module organisation="org.jmat" resolver="thirdparty"/>
        <module organisation="org.unitsofmeasurement"
        <module organisation="" resolver="thirdparty"/>
        <module organisation="com.sun.jnlp" resolver="thirdparty"/>
        <module organisation="jsr166" resolver="thirdparty"/>
        <module organisation="org.restlet.jse" resolver="restlet"/>
        <module organisation="org.restlet.jee" resolver="restlet"/>
        <module organisation="org.geotools" resolver="osgeo"/>
        <module organisation="java3d" resolver="osgeo"/>
        <module organisation="jgridshift" resolver="osgeo"/>
        <module organisation="" resolver="osgeo"/>
        <module organisation="pentaho-library" resolver="pentaho"/>
        <module organisation="pentaho-reporting-engine" resolver="pentaho"/>
        <module resolver="central"/>

Nevertheless it is still slow. Gradle resolves the same set of dependencies
(with the same repositories) much more quickly.

Mark Thornton

On Monday, 24 November 2014, <>

> Hello together,
> I am facing the problem, that my IVY publish into a local file cache is
> taking "ages". It takes at least 30 seconds to publish a set of max of 3
> artifacts. (jar, source, javadoc)
> Same issue is on IVY resolve. Here it seems to be the up to date check of
> Ivy to verify if the resources are still the newest.
> How can I modify the behaviour of this update check?
> e.g. here it takes sometimes minutes, even if the stuff is already cached.
> Since we have a multiproject environment with 13 projects IVY eats up
> following times:
> 13x 30sec for local publish => 6,5 minutes
> 13x at least 30sec for resolve => 6,5 minutes
> So our build is waiting about 10-13 minutes only for IVY. The whole build
> (incl. IVY) takes about 15-16 minutes.
> Can someone help me out of the dark how to improve IVY publish and IVY
> resolve for a local - very fast - build.
> On our CI jenkins, it is okay - not nice but okay - to take what time.
> best wishes,
> hkais

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